1943 Casablanca review

Posted on February 12th, 2018 by admin in Classic Movies From the 40s & 50s

The classic movie, Casablanca, was released in 1943 when it rapidly gained popularity as one of the best movies of its time.  The movie of Casablanca was set out to be one of the most organized films in the world, though even some Hollywood producers still claim that it was a total train wreck.  Its rise in popularity was not obtained by accident, but rather it was planned by those to not necessarily become one of the greatest classics of all times, but at least a great organized film that people could thoroughly enjoy.

Casablanca had many aspects featured in the classic movie from romance, mystery, comedy, topical events, and intrigue.  Many film makers have tried numerous times to mimic the film of Casablanca but all have been casablanca_1943unsuccessful and realizing that the combination of all of these things in one films would be extremely difficult to duplicate.  Many people even claim that the classic movie will NEVER be duplicated, no matter how many attempts there may be to do so by film makers in the world.

The movie was released in 1998 in the newer modeled digital format, which many people were ecstatic about with desire to see the classic all together.  It was released by MGM and many claim that the released version is not the highest quality, though it is light years ahead of VHS movies.  Many people were in hopes that the release would have been of a better quality, though were very happy to receive what they did at least.

The best films all started with the best scripts, and just like the best, Casablanca was a prior script that was acted out in a play, and then later transformed into a movie.  The script and screenplay wasn’t perfect, though that was to be expected in a live act.  The 1943 Casablanca was one of the old classics that will forever be remembered and adored by many people as well.

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