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The world famous Cary Grant, born January 18, 1904, in Bristol, England, was one of the most famously known actors of all times and had contributed a ton to the success of how actors perform today.  If you can just about any actor in the world today about Cary Grant, you will quickly find that many still look up to him and implement his acting skills into their own careers.  Cary Grant was born as Archibald Alexander Leach; he grew up in England as a typical middle class child.  When he was only nine years old, he came home from school in the afternoon to find that his mother was not around and people informing him that she was at a seaside resort for a short vacation, when in reality, she was actually placed in a mental institution for being unstable with mental carygrant2issues.  Grant never actually got to see his mother again until he was in his late 20’s when she had finally become well enough to take visitors.

He first set out to be a comedian as he was intrigued by some but ended up in plays and screenings of the English provinces and the music halls.  In 1920, he was selected to tour to the U.S. to debut on Broadway in the hit, “Good Times,” which helped to give Grant the time to adjust to the needed parts.  He would go on to remain in the U.S. to try his hand in picture films.

The biggest hit that many people remember Cary Grant in is the 1950’s film called “North by Northwest,” which was directed by the world pronounced Alfred Hitchcock.  He went on to make many other movies as well but none of the others were as big of a hit as the one directed by Hitchcock.  On November 29, 1986, in Davenport, Iowa, Cary Grant died from a cerebral hemorrhage, though he will never be forgotten in his role of the greatest classical movies of all times.

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