1957 the Bridge on the River Kwai

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In 1957, The Bridge on the River Kwai was produced and to many people’s disliking, it would turn out to be one of the most memorable movies for all time.  There was so much meaning in the movie as it took the setting of WW II from 1942 to 1943 which also acted as a way to give the general public people an insight to the things that were going on in the war.  The film was made by a man named David Lean and it was based on the novel book that had previously been written called “The Bridge over the River Kwai,” which was written by a man named Pierre Boulle, a French writer.

The historical setting of the movie featured a few of the most commonly know actors and actresses of their time with William Holden, Alec Guinness, Sessue BRI016AIHayakawa, and Jack Hawkins.  These people that acted in the movie really brought the storyline to life in their passion that they put into this movie.  The movie was actually a work of fiction, with a few realistic features, though with the acting jobs and historical settings that were represented in the classic movie, many would have sworn that the movie was nonfiction.

After years and years of the movie being replayed in homes and schools throughout the world, the classic movie was eventually chosen in 1997 to reserve a spot within the U.S. Library of Congress of the National Film Registry.  The decision for this was based upon the film being determined to be historically, culturally, and aesthetically significant.  This definitely marked a place in the history books for the classic movie that will never be forgotten.  It started off rough in nature and many believed it was unsuitable for children, though over time, the thought process determined that even children should have a great feel for fiction and nonfiction in the war battles.

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