1965 The Sound of Music

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In 1965, a great classic movie, The Sound of Music, was produced in accordance to the Broadway musical that had songs written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers.  The movie starred two people, Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews, who were not very well known prior to their role in the musical film, though their popularity in the movie world did accelerate thereafter.  Ernest Lehman was the writer that wrote the screenplay that was later transformed into the great musical film.

The Sound of Music was filmed in Germany and Austria, as well as the 20th Century Fox studio that is located in California.  The movie gained so much 1965-sound-of-music-posterpopularity that it was later award a total of 5 Academy Awards for Best Picture in the opening year of 1965.  The classic movie was considered by many to be the absolute best musical that was ever produced.  The cast, or the actors and actresses, of the classic musical films were also nominated for a Grammy in accordance to Album of the Year.

The Sound of Music was such a great hit that if you took the money that it made in sales and translated that into the inflation of 2010, the film made over $1 billion which made it third of all time behind only two others which were Gone with the Wind and Star Wars.  The film is still watched by many today and had been implemented into school systems to teach morals as well as the art of music to all students that study in schools.  The complete plot to the classic musical film would not only entertain people that were watching, but also teach other aspects of life other than music, such as love and peace, though it generally used the music to get the message across to each viewer.

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